How does it work?

Magic takes the best available anti fouling methods in the industry and combines them with our own unique approach to create an extremely effective and long lasting triple threat:

  • The matrix of Magic AF has a slow but steady biocide leech rate improving upon the traditional anti fouling method

  • Our ultra smooth finish makes it difficult for growth to attach and self cleans while the craft is in motion

  • The microscopic structure of Magic's cured surface creates an inhospitable environment for crustacean growth which is effective even while stationary

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About Magic Antifouling

The genesis of Magic AF began years ago when Rob Kauffmann inventor and president of Sealoflex, a prominent waterproofing paint manufacturer, stumbled upon a remarkable coating which not only resisted marine growth but had the added benefits of being non ablative and resilient to the elements. After testing this coating for many years off of his dock in the warm brackish waters of Charleston, SC he knew he had a winner. Now with our formula perfected we are ready to share Magic AF with the world and are looking forward to helping your boat remain growth free for seasons to come.

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