Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Magic Antifoul cost?

Triton Prop (for props and running gear) - 1/4 Pint $50 which covers 3 sq ft. or a 19 inch 4 blade standard prop. Pint $160 which covers 12 sq ft.

Triton Hull (for boat bottoms) - We charge $250/gal. which covers 80 sq ft. per gallon. This is introductory pricing. (Currently Unavailable pending EPA approval)

How do I buy Magic Antifoul?

We take orders directly from email inquiries or you can always contact us by phone @ 843-696-6404. We invoice through Paypal and ship directly to you via UPS.

How is Magic Antifoul applied?

Triton Prop - Remove prior coatings from all surfaces and key surface with 80 grit sand paper. Clean thoroughly with denatured alcohol to remove any particulates. Apply two coats of Triton Prop. Re-coat while surface is still tacky (between 2 to 6 hours) and do not wait for full cure between coats.

Triton HullSee our application video here

How many coats do I need to apply?

Triton Prop - Two coats will be sufficient but three may be necessary if you go on too thin. The coating should not be transparent when complete.

Triton Hull - We prescribe a certain amount of product for the wet surface area of your hull. All of this product needs to be applied whether it takes 2 or 4 coats. We do not recommend trying to apply too thick as you will get some ugly runs!

What surfaces can Magic be applied to?

Fiberglass, metal (including Stainless Steel), wood, glass and ceramic. It is advisable to prime certain surfaces such as uncoated steel and wood.

How long is a single application effective?

Triton Prop - The effectiveness of our foul release finish will begin deteriorating around the 2 year mark but good performance can last up to 3 seasons.

Triton Hull - We can only predict longevity based on our testing which has shown 8+ years and still going of hard growth resistance while after the first two seasons we do start seeing increasing soft growth. As time passes soft growth becomes increasingly more difficult to remove and by more difficult we mean a soft rag won't do the job anymore and a brush is required.

What colors are available?

Triton Prop is produced in a standard black but custom colors are available upon request for $10 premium.

Triton Hull is produced as a tint base which means we can make you any color you like! We offer safety blue, dark blue, maroon, yellow, forest green, grey and black as standard colors. Custom colors are +$20/bucket.