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Pre-Purchase Magic Antifoul One Gallon

SKU: 364215376135191

Use this calculator to determine your underwater surface area, you can ignore the meter measurement unit on the calculator as this does not affect calculation output for feet. Once underwater surface area is determined divide by 80 as this is what one gallon of our product requires for full system coverage. Now you know how many gallons you need. Pre-purchase covers 30% of total purchase price which is $250. $250 is introductory pricing, we do not expect this to be a long term price point. By pre-purchasing Magic Antifoul you are securing your place in our first come first serve supply. We are offering this option to our customers to ensure we have your order ready to ship when EPA registration is finalized. This is also the best way to ensure we are not out of stock and can supply you as needed If you are applying our product in regions where we are already approved. 


    Magic Antifoul is a resilient long term coating that will protect your hull for multiple seasons in even the most aggresive fouling environments. Magic uses environmentally friendly biocides while outperforming competitor products which use harmful heavy metals such as copper. Magic also contains no VOC's so what you pay for is what goes on your hull unlike other products which contain up to 40% VOC's which evaporate as the product cures causing harm to the environment and applicator.


    Shipping costs are not included in purchase price. We always promise to provide the best rate we can achieve and have agreements in place with major shippers to do so. If you would like to arrange your own shipping this is also an option. Product will not be shipped until full purchase price is received along with shipping cost.